Welcome back after the half term break to the final half term in Year 2! What a busy half term it is going to be which includes our trip to the zoo, the year 2 production, sports afternoon, preparing for our transition to the juniors as well as all the usual learning!

This week the children have been creative in design and technology. They have designed and are making sock puppet friends as the Character Claude in our big write book has a best friend who is a sock! They have begun to sew the outline of a maple leaf to go with our learning about Canada and some children have designed and begun making a beaded picture.

In maths the children have been investigating 3 digit numbers. They have learnt about the place value of digits and how to compare them using the < > and = symbols. They recorded numbers using the hundreds, tens and units columns and used dienes to represent the numbers. We have sent home a snakes and ladders game to continue practising place value.

Newspaper reports were the focus of our writing lesson today. We showed the children a copy of First News which is a newspaper written for children aged 7 to 11. We looked at the features and annotated a copy of a news article. The children then worked with a partner to design their own newspaper report which will be carried on next week.

In science we have continued learning about habitats and animal adaptation.

Have a lovely weekend

Mrs Fernandes, Mrs Hostein and Miss Spencer

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